The global circuit of music promotion, showcase and trade fair events continues to evolve as a significant platform for doing export business, similar to alternative industries attending a wine or wool expo. Artists and music entrepreneurs attend these events as delegates and/or to specifically showcase their talent via live performances.  

There is no artist fee associated with showcasing at international events; rather, it is a business investment companies and sole traders make in order to advance their career opportunities.

Showcasing at international market events presents considerable opportunities for artists to perform in front of industry professionals, to engage in business ‘speed dating’, and attend networking events. People attend markets with various goals, whether it’s building knowledge, networking or audience development.

Music market events can help facilitate business deals and opportunities including recording, distribution, licensing and publishing deals; festival and touring offers; placements on DSP playlists; film, television and game synchronisation placements; sponsorship, product endorsement and brand partnerships; as well as television appearances and media coverage.  

They can also provide opportunities for establishing or renegotiating relationships with international managers, booking agents, publicists and other partners. International market events enable exporters and potential buyers to be in the same place at the same time, thereby minimising the need for repeated travel to meet a potential commercial partner, as well as opportunities to leverage existing contacts.  

As evidenced in the Born Global Report*, of the 591 Australian survey respondents who had attended an international market event, 60% agreed they had achieved their goals. 77% said their export activities were successful after attending an event.

*Born Global Report presents a summary of findings from the 2016-2019 Australian Research Council Linkage project The Economic and Cultural Value of Australian Music Exports.


Photo: Alex Lahey, SXSW 2017 – Pic by Johnny Au.