Sounds Australia has created a number of playlists of Australian music for embassies and posts to use when hosting events.

Each playlist has a slightly different mood or theme, and we hope you’ll be able to find one that is appropriate for your event. We will continue to add new playlists to this page, and update the existing ones, so you have something new to use each time.

Each playlist has more than 4 hours of music. We have endeavoured to ensure there is no offensive content or swearing in any of the songs selected.

These playlists are for use at in-person events only and cannot be used for any virtual or hybrid events, nor can they be publicly promoted on social media channels.


You will need a Spotify account to play these playlists – preferably a paid account so there are no advertisements inserted between songs.






It’s recommended that you play these playlists on shuffle. To do that, you’ll need to select the Shuffle icon before pressing play.

If you’re running Spotify from a computer or laptop, you’ll find the Shuffle button at the bottom of the window, next to the playback buttons (circled here – if it’s green, that means it has been selected)


If you’re running Spotify from a mobile phone, you’ll find the Shuffle button near the top of the playlist next to the green Play button (circled here)


If you have issues with any of the playlists, or you would like to request a particular playlist theme, mood or genre for an event you’re hosting, please email Dom Alessio on