Why have some of the areas for funding changed?

When SAES was established and in the first round of funding that was awarded in September there were some key areas of international touring incurring significant costs. Namely home quarantine for returning travellers, which is no longer a requirement. And flights, which have largely returned to pre-pandemic prices.

Funding can still be put towards the following:

  1. Visas (petition application and associated legal fees)
  2. International Freight and Carnets
  3. Pre-Tour Rehearsals (venue, wages, backline)
  4. Artist Manager and Music Industry Representative Travel Costs
  5. Insurance and other COVID increased premiums
  6. COVID compliance consumables

What are ‘COVID compliance consumables?

These are costs incurred due to COVID safety measures – for example additional accommodation and/or transport for maintaining COVID-safe bubbles, pre-departure COVID-19 tests, rapid antigen and PCR tests, COVID compliance officer wages

In order to tour the States we needed to start the visa process several months ago. Is this still a cost SAES can cover?

As long as the visa was procured within the last 12 months and is covering the activity being applied for, it is a valid cost area that SAES will cover.

Who are SAES grants available to?

Australian citizens or permanent residents that are currently practising music professionals. This includes solo artists, bands, DJs, producers, song writers, technical crew, management companies, labels and publishers that are working to export Australian music.

What kind of activity does the SAES grant support?

Export Activity outside Australia – which can include but is not limited to touring/live shows, co-writing, media appearances, tour managing, stage production and business meetings.

What can SAES grants be used for?

The SAES grant can be used for the following six purposes:

  1. Visas (petition application and associated legal fees).
  2. International freight and carnets.
  3. Pre-Tour Rehearsals (venue, wages, backline).
  4. Artist Manager and Music Industry Representative Travel Costs
  5. COVID compliance consumables
  6. Insurance and other COVID increased premiums

Can I apply for more than one dedicated purpose of funding? For example, can I use it to cover my flight and rehearsals?

Yes, you can nominate more than one purpose for the SAES grant, as long as the amount requested is not larger than AUD $15,000.

Can I apply more than once?

You can apply once per round of the SEAS program but can only receive one SAES grant in the entirety of the SEAS program.

To see a sample application form, click HERE.

I manage several acts, am I able to do a separate application for their different international activities?

You can apply on behalf of multiple acts (each act is considered a single entity, regardless of if they are solo artist or a group) as long as they satisfy the eligibility criteria.

Who will be judging my application?

Applications will be assessed by an independent judging panel composed of diverse and long-standing music industry professionals selected by Sounds Australia.

All judges are required to inform Sounds Australia of any conflict of interest as soon as they become aware of it, no matter how remote or insubstantial.

How will my application be judged?

Assessors will be required to submit rankings based on how well the application meets the assessment criteria (listed above).

I have a lot of sensitive information within my application. Will this be kept confidential?

All judges are required to sign a confidentiality agreement ensuring no information within any part of an application can be shared outside the SAES program.

If I am unsuccessful in this round, will there be another opportunity to apply for funding?

This is the final round of Export Stimulus Funding. Sounds Australia has a list of government and State funding opportunities listed on our website that we update regularly and communicate to subscribers of our newsletters and socials.

Can I still apply if I have received Government funding from other sources, for the same activity?

We acknowledge there is great need in the sector right now and expect there will be high demand for the SAES Fund. For equity, our limited resources must be focused on the elements of the sector that do not currently have guaranteed funding.

What happens if our plans get cancelled or delayed or a major opportunity that was pending ends up locking in?

We recognise that unexpected events may affect your planned Export Activity. In those circumstances, you must notify Sounds Australia as soon as you become aware of the change in circumstances and before the date on which the Event Activity was to take place  by contacting ezilber@soundsaustralia.com.au. . Variations can be requested but approval is not guaranteed.

There are two people looking to represent our company and/or artist at overseas meetings? Should we go on the same application?

Yes. Both individuals should be listed in a single application under the APPLICANT DETAILS section where it asks for individual names of every member of the touring party.

Is there a time frame for the funded activity?

There is no time frame, however the Export Activity needs to be confirmed at the time of application, this includes tour dates, writing sessions and business meetings. Written proof of confirmed activity will need to be provided in the SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS section of the application.

I have already left Australia to tour internationally, am I able to apply for activity retroactively?

If you have already left Australia, and are incurring costs on the Export Activity after 8th August 2022, you are eligible to apply.

I am an Australian based in the US, can I apply for flights back to Australia?

No. The funds can only be used for Export Activity that necessitates international flights and activity out of Australia, or your homebase.

I am an Australian based in the US and I’d like to apply for activity in the UK. Am I eligible?

Yes, applications for Export Activity taking place outside of the country you are based in are eligible.

My visa has lapsed since COVID-19 border restrictions came in? Am I still eligible to apply for US activity?

Yes, and the SAES grant can be used to contribute to costs for visa application and renewal, however funds will need to be returned if your activity requires a visa and it is not issued.

Can I submit my budget in various currencies?

No. All budgets must be in Australian Dollars.

Can I update my application after submitting it?

No. Applications are final once received by Sounds Australia and cannot be amended by the applicant once submitted. In the event that you secure additional Export Activities after submitting an application, you may notify Sounds Australia via email ezilber@soundsaustralia.com.au, and Sounds Australia may make the judging panel aware of those circumstances.

If my application is unsuccessful, can I ask for feedback?

Yes.  However, you may only request feedback within 30 days of being advised of the outcome. Feedback requests can be submitted to ezilber@soundsaustralia.com.au.

If I’m successful, will I receive the full amount of funding I’ve requested?

Not necessarily. Partial or full funding may be offered to successful applicants. The overall competition for grants, in the context of available funds, will also be taken into account when grants are offered. There may also be circumstances where partial funding is offered if a project is clearly scalable.