Sounds Australia produces showcases at, or around, existing international showcase festivals and music industry conferences, to provide the best possible environment for Australian artists to be seen and discovered by music industry professionals. 

Please see our Past Activity page to see where Sounds Australia has previously produced showcases.

Showcasing at international music market events can offer valuable opportunities for artists and businesses to secure international performance, touring and festival slots, label or record company signings, distribution deals, promotional opportunities, media relationship building, song placement and synchronisation offers, co-management and management deals in overseas territories, notwithstanding general global networking and relationship building.

it is important and critical to note, that under no circumstances is Sounds Australia responsible for selecting the artists that are invited to each of the international music events. We do not get involved with recommending Australian artists to programmers and event directors, to deliberately remain effective and impartial in our ultimate representation of the Australian contingent.

Sounds Australia’s guiding principle and purpose is to assist artists in achieving outcomes as listed above and to help build and sustain their international careers by developing and expanding the resources and services offered to exporting artists.