This information is specific to APRA AMCOS members. If you are registered with another performing rights organisation, please contact your representative.


  • APRA AMCOS licences only apply to Australia and New Zealand
  • APRA AMCOS licences do not cover sound recordings
  • APRA AMCOS licences do not cover sync rights (e.g. where a concert has been recorded for delayed or on-demand streaming)


If you are a member of APRA AMCOS, to claim royalties for performances outside of Australia/New Zealand, you’ll need to complete and submit an Overseas Performance Report. Once received, APRA AMCOS will contact the relevant foreign society on your behalf to claim any royalties. There is always a time lag between performances overseas and receipt of foreign payments. This depends on the frequency with which the society makes their distributions and can be up to two years after the performance took place.

Please note that payment for overseas performances is not guaranteed; claims are subject to the rules and practices of our affiliated societies. There is also a chance that by submitting a claim to a foreign society, the society will be prompted to seek to license a venue/promoter that was not previously licensed. This is particularly the case in countries with developing copyright industries such as in Eastern Europe or Asia. There are also several territories which do not yet have functioning copyright law or collecting societies and it is not worth filling out an Overseas Performance Report for these territories. If in doubt, please check with APRA AMCOS Member Services before submitting a claim.

For more information, or to submit an Oversea Performance Report, please visit this website.